Waterproof Flooring
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What is Waterproof Flooring?

Waterproof Flooring Bobsurfaces

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These are 100% waterproof floors made of synthetic material that easily resist the most extreme humidity. This unique new modular floor concept combines all the benefits of laminate and vinyl with very high resolution 3D printing. In this way, this floor is the ideal solution for humid environments such as bathrooms and kitchens.

Unique designs with minimal repetition

The waterproof flooring decorations are printed with high resolution and 3D and hardly differ from the original material! Just amazing!

Features & Benefits

Advantages of waterproof floors


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100% FLAT

In the Finesse system, the bottom layer is directly integrated into the product. This not only ensures faster placement, but also ensures uneven surfaces are compensated. The hard panel hides any remnants of the previous surface (for example, tiling). Finesse waterproof floors can be placed on different surfaces (tile-panel or cement floors).

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Take control


Thanks to its extraordinary resistance to water, our floor is easy to maintain. For tiling it is sufficient with the help of a damp cloth. In addition, waterproof floors have unprecedented wear resistance, making them resistant to damage from falling objects.

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Absorption of waterproof floors with synthetic material gives an unprecedented soundproofing of 19 dB. The sound of footsteps sounds much more pleasant on our floors. In addition, they offer greater walking comfort thanks to the integrated bottom layer.

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Environmentally friendly


Waterproof Floors are recyclable and formaldehyde free